Discover a World of Comfort with Shirts and Linens Made with Botanical Materials

Jonas Abel August 2, 2018 Comments Off on Discover a World of Comfort with Shirts and Linens Made with Botanical Materials
Discover a World of Comfort with Shirts and Linens Made with Botanical Materials

You love the look of the shirt. The patterning is fantastic, it looks nice and sturdy, and it fits like a dream. In fact, if its material weren’t so rough and coarse as to cause you to constantly chafe, it would be a dream, instead of the comfort nightmare it’s sadly become.

You thought these sheets would be a great way to breathe some new life into your bedroom. Unfortunately, they’ve turned out to be rougher than you could ever imagine, and not only do they not breathe well, but they trap heat, making nighttime a sweaty nightmare.

Anyone who’s ever had the misfortune of buying linens, shirts, or any other form of sheets or clothing that turned out to be less than ideal from a comfort standpoint can relate to problems such as these.

Thankfully, there is a solution. There’s a new lightweight, durable, fashionable fabric in town, and it’s taking the industry by storm. Here’s a brief look at what botanical materials are all about.

Reducing Sweat and Bacterial Problems

There are a variety of factors that set these botanical materials apart as a fabric, not the least of which relate to sweat and bacteria. There are more problems with heavy, sweat-trapping linen than the discomfort factor, or the fact that trapping all that sweat can naturally cause a sheet or shirt start to smell. Trapping moisture against your skin can also create an environment in which bacteria can grow. With botanical options, you’ll be able to enjoy a fabric that breathes better and can likewise absorb a lot of moisture.

All-Natural Fabrics

One of the hottest current trends in the world of fabric design involves taking a step back from our increasingly artificial world and embracing natural, even botanical materials. Botanical materials such as Tencel™ branded Lyocell fiber are a perfect example of that. This material is made from substances taken from natural woody areas, with great care taken to the all-natural look and feel of the fabric.

Gentle to the Touch

One of the greatest positive advantages of the botanical approach is the fact that this type of fabric generally feels soft to the touch. If you are tired of rough materials chafing every time you move, you might want to give these softer botanical materials a try.

Luxurious Linen and Lightweight Denim

Finally, there’s the question of what this type of fabric actually produces. It is safe to say that many of the synthetic fabrics out there on the market today suffer from several of the aforementioned shortcomings. By improving upon those problems, botanical fabrics are able to create an overall higher quality product for those looking for luxurious linen sheets and, likewise, those searching for lightweight denim clothing.

All of this and more show why soft, smooth, all-natural botanical materials woven into fabrics really are a dream come true.

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